We believe in mission and evangelism. We have a team that goes out every sutarday for evangelism and discipleship. We do gospel crusades in Kitale, Mt Elgon and other places and we have seen many souls come to Christ. we have daily gospel meetings in kitale at the church tent of which we are encouraging unity among the men of God and encouraging them to preach together with us on daily basis and by that we have seen a good number of people coming and growing in christ.
The area we are ministering in is a place where we used to have a false prophet who desieved many and never believed in the bible. Here , people believe in polygamy, tribalism and witchcraft.Inspite of all these we are seeing great revival and thanks be to God.The place we are stationed used to be a place of magic and con-men.We were realy terrified in the first days.we almost got discouraged from preaching here but God has been faithfull.We are planning to do school evangelism ministry. we have a team of 100 people willing to do followup for those who recieve christ.