Seeds Children's Home


Seeds Children’s Home is at Bondeni estate in kitale kenya. The children’s home was opened to the children in the year 2002. We cared for one child in our home and five children were provided care by a guardian. God blessed us with dear friends who have provided enough support to grow the orphanage to the present over 213 children.
God has enabled us put up two houses able to host these children confortably,

Ongoing projects and current needs are:
1. Construction of a modern Dinning hall- structuiral works and roofing complete, we trust God for funds to complete plaster work and equip this structure.
2. Get funds to purchase a tructor to help cultivate our 15 acres and other lands that we rent to get food for the children.
3. Put up a modern self contained teeneger boys dormitory to host 100 boys
in addition to what we currently have.

Four house parents take very good care of the children. There is a full-time missionary who stays with the children and we bless God for him.The begining was a humble one but the Lord has done us well..