In the beginning of our ministry, there was high unemployment, tribal clashes over land, and no churches. In God's wisdom, we began by raising men and women to teach the gospel and serve the men, women, and children in the Mount Elgon area and Kitale town. There are now 21 churches planted in the Mount Elgon area. .
There are plans to establish 23 more churches. Twenty-four pastors and elders in the respective churches care for the men, women, and children. Church members meet in Tents, some church buildings,some in rental properties while some meet under trees outside as they trust God for their own buildings..

Church members have also built two churches, The ministry build two more churches while a friend blessed us with a Tent that is used for a church.The churches serve many purposes. Most importantly, we preach the gospel and disciple the men, women, and children.