Seeds Academy and Feeding Station


Both the feeding station and seeds academy are in Kipsongo slum, God helped us obtain some land were we started the academy in previously rental rooms that were within the property at the time of buying, We have managed to construct some modern class facilities, a dinning hall with kitchen and more structures are to be built as God provides funds. The meals prepared serve the children who attend Seeds Academy including those from Seeds Children's home who school at Seeds Academy, we too feed children from the immediate Kipsongo slum.

We have staff at the academy that does tailoring to make uniforms for the children. We too have a clinic at the academy to take care of the health of the children. we provide two meals five days a week to the children who benefit from the feeding program,
The Seeds Academy provides good education to the children from the slum and those hosted at the orphanage, this now supports 420 children, Much infrustructure is needed eg, additional class rooms to cab the increasing number of children enrolling at the school, we have a goal of building one class per year and for 2015, we already have three classes on completion.

Seeds Academy now goes upto class/grade eight, children beyond this, say at high school go to their schools and we pay,
We desire to have facilities like computers and tailoring machines to train other people mostly children from kipsongo slum who may not be schooling but need a life skill to help them manage life.

Our dedicated staff and supportive friends have made these project a success and a joy to be involved in.
In the near future, we hope to put up an administration block, a library and a computer lab.
We have a bus that facilitates movement of children form the opharnage to the school, this really made transportation easy.

Since this ministry started, several children have cleared grade 8 and have joined high school, some finished high school and in our local universities and collages, some went for specialised training in mechanics and tailoring, for sure, God has used you and us to be a blessing to many and we are humbled.