Construction Projects


Wonderful buildings are being made for different use, we have a desire to do more and are gratefull to God for provisions this far..

By God's grace and support from very dear friends, we aquired land and constructed two houses which host our current number of children, we have several other small structures in the compound that serves as stores, staff houses, chicken houses and green houses, all this make the opharnage an attractive home. God answered our prayer and has helped us finish the structure for a mordern dinning hall , we believe that He will provide for finishes and equiping this dinning hall so that it can be fully functional soonest.

There is no question that the feeding and medical care for our children is very important. Equally important is their education. We plan to add one class per year to help manage the increasing number of children enrolling at Seeds academy, We are now finishing up the dinning hall and kitchen which helps in making meals for the pupils and those children in the feeding program. Increased classes requires increased number of teachers and other non teaching staff. we too have a vision for doing a morden administration block and a well stocked library as well as having a fully equipt computer lab with trained staff to train the pupils.
We desire to have enough sewing machine to help youths around the slum get some skill that can help them in life. We have been blessed with bread ovens, we anticipate that the bread ovens will not only feed our children, but also help raise funds through the sale of the bread to others

God provided land and construction is underway while some buildings are done and in use, this will too be a prayer center for believers who visit the region and also provide acoomodation to the missioneries who come teaching at the Bible School.