The members of staff



We are blessed to have a total 26 staff members assisting in teaching,preparing of meals,tailoring,security, cleaning,store keeping, manager, secretary,gardener and health servicses . they love the kids, they all know their work. Every saturday, they gather all the kids in the feeding station and share the word of God, they too councel them.


We are blessed to have 24 servants of God They love God and have a heart for people.They are faithfull ,teachable and available before the Lord,.Most of them have realy sucrifised to serve the Lord in hardship areas without support. We are praying that God will encourage us to encourage them apart from just praying with them

3. Bible training centre.

We have a staff of eight teachers.They love their service of teaching and they all have sucrifised their time to teach with us.They are very determined and commited to the service of teaching, they are encouraged by the student`s commitment to learning .We are praying for God to help us encourage them by getting all the materials required for teaching.

4. Evangelism

This is done by a team of 16 people leading other groups to do evangelism and follow ups that will help the new born christians to grow in the Lord.They are very commited to the one hour daily noontime fellowship at the tent church in kitale center.

5. Orphanage

It is well staffed to ensure quality services are given to the children.