Farming Projects


We were raising chicken in our backyard for many years. We dismantled the chicken cubes and built a larger poultry house at the new orphanage property. The chicken house can house 2,000 chickens. we keep both broilers and layers. We use this production to help support our children. We believe God has plans for us to build one more chicken house that can house 2,000 chickens.
We have seen the benefits of this project to the children and thats why we hope to have as many as 5,000 chicken. The profits from this enterprise will help us provide support to our ministry that helps the men, women, and especially the children.

God blessed us with 15 acres of land for the Seeds Children's Home. We annualy use 10 acres for planting corn and beans. Again, this gives the men and women opportunities to develop skills and also feel good about their contributions. We plant bananas, beans, cone, yerns, and a variety of vegetables.we have also planted trees along the fence line. in 2015, We rented 70 acres of land, planted corn and are now harvesting, this produce asures us of constant food supply for both the feeding station and the opharnage, Cultivating large land requires improved machinery to minize cost of production, this year, we spend quite alot hiring a tructor to work on the faim and also harvesting, we had to hire this service which reduces our profitability margin, we trust that God provides as with $60,000 to buy our own tructor with all farm equipment so that it will be easier for us to work on thr farms we have for food production.

One acre has been set aside for our two milk goats, five milk cows which supply milk used at the childrens home.

This is an ongoing project, we have three fish ponds at the orphanage, The fish is food for the children and the supplus is sold to help provide for other needs of the children, its indeed a successful project.


We are blessed to have a water well in the orphanage property whose water is safe for human use. Its in our mind to take this water, treat it and package it then sale.