We celebrate God's faithfulness thus far and trust Him for the future.


Short term goals
> Buy a tructor with agricultural farm equipment to increase food security for the home at $60,000.
> Completion of construction of the dinning hall which currently needs finishing and equiping and the children's home.
> Build a dormitory for 100 boys at the orphanage
> Build a library, Admin block, add classes and finish and equip the dinning hall/kitchen at Seeds Academy.
> 15 acres of land .(to add on the 15 acres we currently have, for agriculture)
>Build three kindergarten classes for children at seeds academy in 2016.
> Phase one of the Seeds High school to have 2no. classes, an administration block and a laboratory, in 2016

long term goals.
>35 Acres of Land for food production in addition to what we have
>Phase two of Seeds High School 2no classes, a library fully equiped, a dinning/ kitchen fully equiped and a computer laboratory. for 2017.
> Building a complex plus the school for the needy kids that we have.
>Expanded chicken business.
>Phase three of Seeds High School with Dormitries, staff houses and additional classes.
>Bottled Water Business
>Additional Medical Clinic capacity in the orphanage property
>Additional Vocational skill Education which is to comprise the following:

The table below is a breakdown of what each child needs per month, you can chooce an item and be a blessing to a child.