Seeds Children's Home


Pastor Richard Makani and his wife Hellen saw a desperate need in the slum of Kipsongo (meaning The Place of Hopelessness) In Kitale, Kenya. Out of their meager personal resourse, they sucrificed one meal in a day each week to feed the kids once a month.A good number of people living in kitale recide in slum areas. Living conditions in slums is not so good because the houses are build with plastic papers picked from trush therein. the houses are small of dimention of 4 by 4 and most have no ventilation. In some houses ,sewage passes under and infront of the doors. All these affects the normal growth of the children who are our main focus, Through the Feeding station, Clinic, Seeds Academy, Seeds Children's Home and the church, we provide hope by meeting the needs of those we can and introduce them to Christ who is the greatest source of hope. Thanks to friends who pray and financialy support our projects.

Slum life characteristics:


1.Water shortage,
2.Limited birthroom and toilet facilities.
3.There is no electricity hence poor lighting system making the place insecure expecialy at nights.
4.Poor housing, houses are made of plastics, and metal pieces picked from damping sites. Floods carry away this very houses when it rains leaving the dwellers homeless and deaths.
5.They find it difficult finding food because they pick it from the gabbage and even if they found it they eat the food in a dirty and unhealthy house increasing the risk of getting diarrhoea and cholera.
6. Difficult schooling because families change recidence due to the many challanges..
7.Availabily of local beer and gum, children are exposed to these easily.
8.Poor medical services
9.This area supports the culture of wife inheritance which increases the risk of contructing HIV AIDS.
10. Tribal clashes between porkot and turkana communities also causes displacement.
11. Increased rape cases

Poverty has reduced the ability of most people in the slum to produce food. most have no access to land for food production hence most of this people are in desparate need of food.Sometimes when God provides, we usualy go to visit the elderlly, weak ,blind and the widows who are not in a position to pick food from the trush by themselves. We take them food once a month though not regularly but whenever in position.