About the Bible School


This Bible Training School is located in Mt. Elgon region and has immencely grown by the grace of God. Our aim is to develop leaders who will train more leaders deeply rooted in the real Gospel.

Richard and Helen started by discipling three people.The three people discipled others out of which 24 churches have been planted and presently 90 people are being discipled in both kitale and mount elgon reagions.Amazingly the people being trained conduct home fellowships where they are too training others.
The Bible trainning center held its first graduation in september 2010. For now we are using 'The Bible Training for Church leadership (BTC) carriculum.After two years one graduates having known where God has called them. either as Evangelists,Pastors or Teachers .The first course is a disciplship program where we use The TRAINING COACH MANUAL and BASIC TEACHING BOOK.

Those attending the training do not pay anything.The course requires one to have gone through the full curruculum of ten books which costs ksh 500 each.
1. Bible study methods
2. Old testament survey
3. New testament survey
4. Bibilical doctrine
5. Church history survey
6. Preparation of sermon and preaching
7. Mission,evangelism and discipleship
8. Teaching principles and methods.
9. Personal holy life
10. Church ministry, leadership and knowledge.

We are still meeting in one of the church rental building and God provided two acres of land in mount elgon on your way to uganda suam border.The construction is almost done and we thank God .ie three classes for:
a. Swahili class
b. English class
c. Women class.

We desire to have the first building with three class rooms, An administration office and a conference hall. Currently we have started construction of the conference hall. The second building should have eight guest rooms and a good sitting room. This will be used by the students who will want to stay during the training and by missionaries who may come to teach and stay. It will also be used for prayers by men and women of God during breaks.The third building will be the kitchen and a small store to help in preparation of meals and teach women some cooking lessons..
We thank God for one of our friends who is raising the funds to build the bible training centre. He has been a great encouragement to us towards the discipleship program.
In addition to the graduation,we had a group wedding of 39 couples in 2010.
Our vision is to reach all mount Elgon region with discipleship programme and become a blessing to all East Africa with discipleship training.